Urban Motor – Rakish R80

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Every year, 120,000 motorcycles roll off the production line in BMW’s giant Berlin factory. But some of the most interesting Beemers come from a tiny workshop just 15 kilometers to the east, on the banks of the River Spree.

That’s where you’ll find Urban Motor‘s Peter Dannenberg, a man who tweaks the lines and details of BMWs and turns them into something extra speziell. The Urban Motor – Rakish R80


Peter’s latest bike is this incredibly honed ’87 BMW R80 monolever, appropriately dubbed ‘Clean Beem(er)’. It was built for a fellow Berliner Johannes—an architect who commissioned it as a 40th birthday present to himself.

“Johannes wanted a low-riding, short and agile urban racer,” says Peter, “with some non-racing features for more comfort. Like not using clip-ons.”

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Urban Motor website | Facebook | Instagram | Images by Tim Adler Photography.

(Source Bike Exif)