Justin Bieber ‘s Career Over After Skateboarding Incident

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I think we found someone that’s worse at skateboarding than Lil Wayne, yes that would be Justin Bieber.  While in NYC this past week, Justin Bieber tried to impress the paparazzi by showing off his new skateboard tricks on some steps at Madison Square Garden. MSG can be a brutal place to be successful at just ask the New York Knicks.

You got to give the kid credit though, he doesn’t give up when he can’t land this simple ollie off down 4 steps, he just keeps trying. Well until he eats it hard on the pavement. The fall was not horrific at all, pretty hilarious for that matter. The only thing that got hurt in this skateboard accident is the poor guy’s ego.

Maybe if he wasn’t wearing a tall tee and leather joggers he would have landed this gnarly trick (just kidding, I think Lil Wayne could have easily done this trick in his TrukFit head to toe). As long as we don’t get some Justin Bieber skateboarding clothing line out of this then go ahead Justin keep on skating. Next time you run out of your car to impress some fans, make sure you can actually impress them with  your skills and not fail miserably at it.