30 reasons why we’re obsessed with Tianna Gregory

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Tianna Gregory 6

Like the rest of the world we first saw Tianna Gregory after she did a shoot with Van Styles, who single handedly is responsible for quite a few modeling careers. Tianna was born in South Lake Tahoe, California and moved to LA a few years ago to start her career.

When asked the weirdst place you’ve ever shot she said ” A couple of my favorites were shooting inside the manager’s office of an apartment complex and hiking up hills at Griffith Park in LA in nothing but lingerie!” Could you imagine going for a morning run and seeing her walk next to you?

We’ve search the web for sometime now and if Tianna is as chill as appears to be she might hands down be the hottest woman on earth. You gotta follow her on Instagram and peep the video below. Photos are one thing but video is so much better.

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And now the video……….